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Tiki has been adopted!

Tiki is sponsored in honour of Paulina Konopacka with gratitude for her time on our Board of Directors and her continued devotion to Save Me Dog Rescue.



Meet Tiki! A sweet senior gentleman. He loves nothing more than a good scratch behind the ear and a warm lap to curl up on.

Tiki came from a home with two other Chihuahuas so he is used to being part of a pack. He is very submissive and shy but enjoys the company of other dogs… from a safe distance. He would do well in a home with other gentle dogs who can show him the ropes and help him build his confidence.

Tiki has experienced a lot of big life changes in the last few weeks and has been a little slow to come out of his shell but has been improving more and more each day. He was recently neutered and is currently working on breaking the urge to mark in the home. He does seem to be house trained in some capacity as he understands that he should be doing his business outside and there have been no accidents aside from marking inside. He is fearful of going outside without his human, but will go out and use the bathroom if he is encouraged to do so. He seems to be new (or very rusty) on walking on a leash. He is nervous on his walks but begins to warm up with a little encouragement. He will need to go to a patient home who can allow him the time to learn and re-learn certain behaviours. Tiki is affectionate and loving. He loves to snuggle up in a warm blanket in the sunshine. He also enjoys following his human from room to room.

Tiki spent a few days on antibiotics after his surgery which caused some gastrointestinal upset. He arrived underweight and has proven to be a bit of a picky eater. Tiki’s forever home will need to commit to a specialized diet which will soothe his gut and help him to put weight on. It would be recommended that he stick to wet dog food as he has some tooth sensitivity.

As with many senior pups Tiki does show signs of aging and will need to go to a home that understands and is willing to commit to some of his unique traits as a dog in his golden years.

Tiki wants nothing more than a secure, safe and stable home to retire in.  A warm lap and a good cuddle is all it takes to please this little guy!

Tiki has been adopted by his foster family.. It was simply love at first sight