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Thorton has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness


Little Thorton is a lively Chihuahua who has just turned 2. Now that he is feeling better, his charming personality is nothing short of adorable. Thorton is so cuddly and will even hug a shoulder when held. His coal black coat is interrupted by a white chin, chest and under-belly with four white paws. He has a distinguishing black spot right in the middle of his chest. Those dark brown eyes and perky ears are much too cute.

As a puppy, Thorton had a tough start. Episodes of vomiting and bloody diarrhea had been a common occurrence for him. Any change in routine or diet would trigger illness and he was clearly in a great deal of discomfort for a long time. His loving owner from London surrendered him in the hopes that his medical needs could be addressed.

After a few months of great medical attention and consistent care, Thorton has finally turned the corner. Ultimately the “Save Me” vet believes he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is a condition that can be successfully managed. A strict diet of hydrolized protein kibble plus pumpkin puree has resolved his problem with bloody diarrhea. Currently on a low dose of steroid to heal his intestinal tract, Thorton may need occasional drug therapy in the event future flare ups occur. Feeding three smaller meals per day from a slow bowl has also helped a great deal. He has gained a little weight and is 9 lbs. Thorton gets absolutely no treats or people food!

Along with his initial medical interventions, Thorton has received updated vaccines and preventatives (heartworm, flea, tick) and a wide range of diagnostic blood tests. The good news is that his recent neuter surgery did not upset his digestive system and he came through it like a champ. He is getting used to warm baths and like most small dogs, is not crazy about having his nails trimmed or his teeth brushed. Scooting could indicate impaction of anal glands and must be addressed as needed. He is house trained for urine but we have had some challenges with feces. His healthy tummy has given him better control and much better success which should continue.

Although his breeds can tend to be barky or whiny, he is seldom either but a knock at the door (or loud noise) will send him into excited vocalization. Chi mixes are also known for being nervous with shivering and shaking which he does. Initially a somewhat insecure little guy, he has adjusted well in his foster home. He loves his warm sweaters this time of year and will definitely need winter gear. Still easily scared by shadows, large dogs and bright coloured objects at his level, Thornton is not a fan of loud traffic. A consistent routine and calm household will suit him best.

Daily exercise is part of this little guy’s routine. He loves his two outings per day and has become a good little walker. Thorton almost prances on his travels and always gets smiles and comments from passersby. He is incredibly agile and does zoomies like a miniature deer! Although excellent on a leash, he would love a fenced yard. He will dance on his back legs and loves to return a ball or shake a toy ‘to death’ if engaged. Spinning and barking are his way of telling his person he wants to play. He has not proven to be destructive. Now settled, he is not anxious when left uncrated in a room for extended periods, as long as he has a soft bed – speaking of which – he is spoiled and sleeps with his foster parents.

Thorton has been somewhat of a ‘shadow puppy’ and will probably attach to a female. He is very friendly when meeting new people and dogs his own size. He travels well by car but should be crated or seat belted when without a passenger to hold him, since he tries to sit in the driver’s lap. He is good with children but is untested for cats.

This little guy needs a quiet family where routine will help with his digestive issues and possibly where another dog resides. He is an affectionate, sweet boy who wants only to be loved. He will make an amazing companion for someone who can shower him with love and proper care.

Thornton was lovingly fostered by Jenny