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Thor has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Nick Sargeant, Nancy Kinsella’s father.



Meet Thor! He is a sweet boy who loves to play with his friends both human and canine, he would also like to play with the cat but alas, she will have none of it!!!! He does not seem to be high energy, he plays for a while and then likes to nap on the couch!

We don’t know how Thor started out in life but it takes him some time to trust people. Once he does, he adores them, but it does take some time. For a few days in our foster home he was afraid of each new person that he met. After a bit of time he greeted us and followed us around but was still not quite sure about being approached and handled. As time has progressed he is now very comfortable and adores one family member and is coming along with the rest of us.

Although he is very gentle and sweet, and may be less intimidated by children, I think the best home for him might be a single person or couple who can take the time to build up his trust without intruding too much into his personal space. He seems to be brave about dogs and noises and his fear seems to be focused on people.

He sleeps over night and naps in his crate, he does not like to be “put” into his crate so we just throw in a treat and off he goes. He also likes sleeping on the couch and likes to be stroked as he gets sleepy. House breaking is coming along but he is not perfect yet. He has started some leash training and that is coming along as well. He is short coated so less hair to deal with in the house.

If you have the time and patience to win this guy’s trust and affection, you will have a lifelong devoted friend and companion.