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Thomas has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alex in honour of her sister Ilona’s birthday



Thomas has been quite the gentleman since he’s arrived here!

Since Thomas was a stray from northern Canada, he was unsure about being in a home when he first arrived, but he has certainly come to enjoy his comfy dog bed!

He enjoys having people and other dogs around him since it makes him feel like he’s part of a pack. This is what he was used to in the north, so a fellow dog companion would be great for him. Him and his foster sibling nap all day together and enjoy going for a few strolls throughout the day.

It took him awhile to eat anything, but once I started adding some hot water to his kibble, he gobbled it right up. On that note though, he must have enjoyed eating up north because he’s about 20lbs overweight, so you’ll need to be mindful of how much food he’s getting and make sure he gets lots of walks in.

We’ve been taking him on about 3-4 (20-40 min) walks a day and he loves it! Some days he even has more energy than his younger foster sibling. This tells me that he is still young at heart!

He’s completely house trained and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. He doesn’t really know to ask to go outside, but he’s been following his foster sibling outside and will relieve himself throughout his walks.

He’s quite good on a leash, especially considering he used to roam free. He pulls a little bit when he first gets outside because he’s excited to get going, but he understands that he needs to stop walking if you pull on his leash a bit.

He wasn’t a fan of being in a crate overnight, so he’s been sleeping on his dog bed beside us at night. After about a week, he figured out that’s where he’s supposed to go, so he flops right down and doesn’t really make a peep until the morning.

Thomas is a really sweet dog, who loves to get his ears and tummy rubbed! He’s generally very quiet, not a big barker, but will whine a little bit if he wants some attention. He likes running around at the park, going on hikes (he’s good in the car!) and lazing about during the day.

I think Thomas would be well suited to a family that can be home throughout the day to take him out for walks. He would be good in a home with or without another dog. He hasn’t been with a cat, but doesn’t seem to have any prey drive, so I can’t see that being an issue. Similarly with children, he hasn’t been around them, but he is very calm and sweet with anyone he meets. Thomas just wants a forever home that will give him a comfy place to sleep and a lot of love!

Thomas was lovingly fostered by Alana