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Thelma has been adopted!

Sponsored by Paulina, with much love and tons of birthday wishes to Roz Brodsky. Happy Birthday Roz!


This adorable senior is Thelma., a 10 year old Pointer Mix.

Coming to the shelter as a stray, she has quickly adjusted to the finer points of living in a home! She wants the fluffiest of fluffy pillows to lay on, but if you allow it, she prefers the couch or a bed for ultimate napping comfort. The initial transition into the foster home was rather stressful for her, but after a couple of days the stress went away and she has become the happiest power napper and everyone’s friend. As long as the foster people are sitting, she will relax, but once they’re up, she’s up shadowing them around the house. She came to us underweight, but is currently eating well and working on adding a few pounds.

She seems to be fully house trained, but doesn’t ask to go out. She just goes out with the other dogs in the house multiple times a day. She is a pointer, so following her nose is a great adventure. She needs a fenced yard so that nose can be contained, otherwise she’ll forget that she’s supposed to stay home. A harness is a must for walks, she walks well with the harness and is curious about her surroundings. She hasn’t been crated when left home, and has been great and at night just curls right up on the pillow in the bedroom.

Thelma is just the sweetest, she has a big gummy smile (her teeth have seen better days) and is gentle. She looks up at you with her big brown eyes and nose that just beg for kisses, and she welcomes them all!  She has some uncertainty with younger kids, so she would be better off in a house with none/or late teens and older would be preferred. With slow introductions to other dogs she is okay with them too, she just needs the right amount of time to get comfortable. She just asks that her feet be left alone. She may be older, but she has been learning really quickly the routine in the house, she understands when it’s food time and when it’s treat time. Also how to sit for a treat! She is starting to come when called, now that she understands that’s what it means. Sometimes she gets a little too excited and tumbles on the stairs, so she just has to stay calm and pay attention to what she’s doing.

She may be a “senior” but she still has so much love and snuggles to give!


Thelma was lovingly fostered by Renee