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Terry is adopted

Sponsored by Heather C., dedicated to Terry’s truly amazing foster mom Robin



Terry is 8 pounds of cuteness and rates 10 on the loveable scale.  She enjoys following her people around the house, sitting next to you on the couch, curling up in her dog bed at your feet while you work on the computer and snuggling under the covers during the night.  She is a quiet and calm little girl in her foster home whose main goal is to be with her people.
If we were to guess, due to Terry’s larger than normal lady parts, we would say that Terry has had a few litters of puppies in her past.  Likely due to this, she often lacks confidence around other dogs while outside on a leash and will require repeated positive experiences to get over her fears.  In the house, she seems fine to coexist with other dogs if they are not active and in her face all of the time.  She is excellent with cats.
Terry has great house manners as she never bothers her foster family during meal time, she seems to be house trained and she meets all new visitors with tail wags.  She walks well on a leash with her harness and does her business quickly so that she can enjoy the smells of the neighborhood.  She does not require a fully fenced in backyard for exercise.
She is crated during the day for a few hours when her foster family is out and although she is hesitant to go into her crate she is quiet if she has some tasty treats to enjoy.  She has not shown any interest in toys yet and currently her energy level is low.  She has a healthy appetite and is very treat motivated which will make doggy training pretty easy for her.
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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while