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Tehya has been adopted!

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To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each northern dog adoption fee will go towards these programs.

Meet Tehya!

Tehya, a name that is native in origin, means Precious. She was given this name as it is absolutely fitting for her.

There are so many wonderful characteristics to Tehya. Beyond her beautiful face, soulful amber eyes and her fluffy teddy bear body, she has the typical personality of a Northern dog.

Tehya came from the Attawapiskat region on the James Bay coast where vet care is scarce and so many dogs are in need. Most Northern dogs you meet have well-balanced personalities and Tehya is every bit of just that.

She is a very friendly girl, loves to meet and greet new people and other dogs. She adores affection from her human handler and plays well with the dogs in her foster home who are smaller in size.

Tehya’s physical traits are deceiving. Her last weigh in was 61lbs but you wouldn’t think that to look at her. She is short and stocky, somewhat compact, and full of fluff. Given her northern breed mix, she does have a thick double coat that will need to be maintained and groomed so it does not become matted. Luckily, Tehya thrives on any type of affection, so she loves a good brushing.

So far this girl has proven herself to be low – medium energy. She enjoys short sessions of play time with the other dogs but then her old soul kicks in and nap time starts calling. If napping was an Olympic sport, Teyha would have them all beat.

She is an easy-going girl, to say the least. Teyha’s typical day involves napping, eating, playing, followed by more napping.

Tehya was just recently spayed and is taking the medical advice of our wonderful vet team to get her health to 100%. Once she is healed and vaccinated we intend to start venturing the world outside of her foster home. Opening her mind and heart to the public will do well for Tehya and help to keep her socialized.

This lovable gal has been the perfect house guest. She has the smarts to learn commands. It took her no time to understand her new name and the routine of her foster home. She does well on recall and is beginning to learn doggy manners such as taking a cookie gently. This girl is food motivated and has very little patience waiting for you to fill up her bowl. If given the chance she will counter surf but is easily redirected using a short vocal noise. She is focused on her handler and tries to please them. Also, belly rubs are life!

Tehya is house trained. She has not had one accident in her foster home and will let you know vocally that she needs to be let out. She is also crate trained and is comfortable in her large xpen area where she peacefully sleeps at night. She is confined to her crate and xpen area when her foster has left the house, however, with her laid back personality and her non-existent need to stir up trouble, she likely doesn’t require being crated. This would be a personal decision for her forever family.

We are sure there is so much more to learn about Tehya. She will remain in foster care for the next few weeks while she heals and waits to be fully vaccinated. In the meantime, we can begin the search for her forever family, however, her adoption will not be finalized until her medicals are cleared.

If you’re interested in Tehya you are welcome to fill out an application, otherwise stay tuned as we learn more about this precious girl and update her bio.