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Teddy is a forever foster

Teddy is welcomed to Save Me through the generous donations to the Marilyne Ellis Memorial Fund for Senior Dogs.



Sweet Senior Alert! Meet Teddy!

Teddy’s story is one that shows us the difference some extra care and a lot of love makes. When Teddy first arrived in his foster home, he was in bad shape. He was very skinny and you could see in his eyes that he was sad and scared.

Thanks to the loving care of his foster mom and medical attention, he has come along way since his first days in his foster home. He loves to play and cuddle and has way more energy. He likes to run and play when he gets excited. He does have significant medical issues that his future family should be aware of. Teddy has the common issues we see in many small, senior dogs. His main issue is mitral valve insufficiency and at this point he is being well controlled on medication and is not in congestive heartly failure. He also has a high grade murmur. He is on three medications which help his heart function better.

He is pretty quiet and doesn’t bark much. We are not sure entirely of his background but he was not taught basic obedience like sit and lay down but is a well mannered and low energy guy. He is housetrained and would do well in a home with other dogs and cats. He would prefer a family that would not leave him for long periods of time and another dog to keep him company. He would definitely appreciate a quieter household and a house with minimal stairs and a backyard to spend his golden years.

If you enjoy afternoon naps, Teddy is your guy. He loves to have an afternoon nap right beside his human. He loves to follow his foster mom around so if you are looking for a shadow, look no further than Teddy!

Teddy has no teeth but that doesn’t stop his love of food. He enjoys being hand fed his wet food.

If you are looking for a sweet boy who loves to nap, cuddle and be a shadow, apply today for Teddy.