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Teddy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Elaine & Tony, in loving memory of their sweet Batman. 


Greetings. My name is Teddy, and I’m a 12 year old yorkie. (12 is the new 8! ). I don’t act my age and I can keep up with my 3 year old foster brother on our hour-long walks. I must admit I am not the best on a leash when there are lots of dogs around.. especially big dogs. I will get really excited and pull on the leash and bark… a lot! My foster mom takes me out when the streets are quiet or at night and this seems to work out much better for both of us. Please no off – leash doggie parks for me. Apart from that I am a perfect little gentleman.

I am a quiet little fellow in the house only barking when someone is at the door or If i see something exciting going by outside. I will usually stop barking fairly quickly when I am asked. I have good table manners and won’t bother you when you are eating and I wait patiently for my meals. Did I already tell you that I’m pretty much perfect?

I was not well cared for in the past and I developed a few bladder stones and some bad teeth. I have had both the stones and bad teeth removed and now I am fit as a fiddle. I will need to be on a urinary diet so that I don’t develop any more stones. I am housebroken but I am looking for someone who is home part of the day as I do need to go out every few hours. I would really love a backyard to wander around in. I am a curious little fellow and I enjoy checking out every nook and cranny. I also enjoy a good squirrel chase. I have recently learned to play with my foster family’s doggie and what great fun it is. We roll around and chase each other and I’m kinda fond of chasing the cats toys too. I love those little mice! So now you know I also wouldn’t mind having a cat in the family. I’m super in the car … either crated or strapped into a doggie car seat, you won’t hear a peep out of me.

I’m not picky about my sleeping arrangements… your bed, my bed, the laundry basket, your half packed luggage. I like to switch things up and you’ll be surprised where you will find I lay my head. I will go to bed and sleep thru the night dreaming of waking up and getting lots of lovin from my forever family.

I love everyone I meet no matter the size or age. I love attention and I’m a good listener too. I will sit beside you for hours while you pet me and tell me how terrific I am, or a good doggie story works as well. I am eagerly awaiting someone who is looking for an irresistible loveable companion like me. I forgot to mention that I don’t shed and my mom says that’s a huge plus. I’ve got lots of years and love to give so don’t hesitate to fill out that application, or email my mom if you need any more info. Respectfully yours Teddy


Teddy was lovingly fostered by Chris