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Teddy is adopted!

Teddy* Male / Neutered / Beagle Mix / 5 years old / 60 Lbs / Vision Impaired/ Adoption fee: $400.00


Teddy is one of those dogs who asks for so little, he is happy just to be near you and receive the odd pet, the perfect companion who always wants to be by your side. Teddy has made his way to us from Quebec, where he was found at the side of the road all alone, with a heavy chain around his neck. That in itself would be scary for any dog, but add in the fact that Teddy is completely blind and we can’t imagine how scary it must have been for him. But perhaps that is why Teddy is so grateful to be in a home and to be loved, he seems to sense he finally has some security and that we are here to take care of him.

Although he is a big boy at 60 pounds he is shockingly gentle. He walks around his fosters home slowly, lifting his feet high, always feeling his way to make sure he does not trip or run into anything. He is so gentle with his foster siblings who are all under 20 pounds, instantly taking them in and accepting them as his pack. Many times a day he makes his way over to his foster mom and places his head on her lap for a pet, never demanding but just letting her know he is there if she wants to give him a good scratch. He does well on leash although on the odd occasion, due to his vision he can get under your feet so you do have to be careful. He is doing well with his house training but will need a routine and consistency in his new home so his progress continues. He is not suited to an apartment due to his loud bark, although it is rare he does bark when he does it is loud and likely would not be appropriate for an apartment building.

Teddy is a wonderful reminder to live in the moment, if we were to guess we would imagine his past hasn’t been great but he is so happy for what he has now. There aren’t a lot of requirements for Teddy’s forever home as he is really such an easy boy, but he deserves one who will love him endlessly and spoil him completely rotten!

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!