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Taz has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A. and her Save Me dog Kelly


Hey Future Family

Its me Taz! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have made in to Canada just in time to celebrate Canada day. I feel lucky about a lot of things lately, I have good friends, lots of toys, laps to cuddle in and food when I am hungry. The only thing I am really missing is you.

A few months ago I did not feel lucky at all though. You see my family lost me and I was on my own for two whole months. I was so scared, some nice people fed me but I had forgotten that people were nice and was too scared to go to them for help.

Eventually a special friend of mine rescued me reminded me what it was like to live in a home and with a family. Now I am all ready for my new home and cannot wait to meet you. I hope you are reading this and that I can meet you soon

I love to cuddle, it is my very favorite thing to do. I am happy to sit in your lap for hours especially if you give me lots of pets and scratches. I am a little shy when I meet people at first but after a minute or two I will be trying to crawl into your lap for a good cuddle.

I love my toys, especially the stuffed ones that squeak and I play with them very gently. Walks are great too. When we are out walking sometimes I will bark at new people and dogs a little bit , mostly if they look a little suspicious to me and I need to warn my foster mom about them.  Foster mom and I are working on better manners durring walks and I am doing really great as long as she has some delicious treats to keep me focused on her instead of the people and dogs I want to bark at.  She says it is a really good thing that I bark to let her know that I am nervous because then she can help me feel better and we can work on some training together.  I love when I do something well and she tells me ” Taz, you are such a good boy!!!”.  She says I am really easy to train because I am so focused on her

Foster mom tell me that I am the most unique dog she has ever seen , with my adorable under bite, winning smile, fluffy tail and unique coat. I am housetrained and have very good manners in the house.

Once someone is my friend I love them a lot and like to show them that with lots of cuddles and kisses. I am good with other dogs and cats once I get to know them but like people best. I love to play with other dogs my size. I met some kids recently and thought they were pretty nice.

My foster mom goes to work and I am pretty good in my crate during the work day with a special toy but after work I want to spend as much time with her as possible. I cry a little bit in my crate when she leave but I am learning that she will come back as soon as she can. I am a pretty easy going guy and am happy to do anything that you are doing. Foster mom says that it would be nice if my future family took me to obedience school. I have very good house manners but don’t really know how to sit or stay or anything like that. She says that going to school will help us bond and I think that is really really important.

I cannot wait to meet you my family. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what you are like and all the fun things we will do together. I hope you are reading this and that we can meet some day soon. If you have any questions about me please email me and my foster mom.

Lots of love


Taz was lovingly fostered by Alissa