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Tater Tot

Tater Tot has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alena, in loving memory of their family dog, Max


Tater has been so much fun to foster. He is a loving, friendly, and happy 32 pound puppy. Tate is an active dog that is looking for a family that is equally as active. We know very little about Tater’s past. We do know he loves women, and always loves to meet the kids he sees at the dog park. However, Tate can be fearful of some men. He is a sensitive boy that needs encouragement. Loud noises seem to scare him, so we are trying to give him positive experiences. He absolutely LOVES other dogs. He is currently living with a small dog that is not interested in playing with him. He desperately tries to engage her in play, but she turns him down. Tate would love a home with another dog that would equally be interested in playing with him.

He is a goofy boy that always has his nose in his toy box. He will keep himself busy playing on his own with his toys. Tate enjoys daily visits to the dog park and a couple of walks per day. He will sprint and play non-stop for 30 min at the dog park, and come home and sleep for a bit. He likes to play with every dog at the park. As for housetraining, Tate has had a few accidents in the house, but he’s been doing really well on a regular routine to help him master his housetraining skills. This boy loves to chase squirrels or anything that moves; therefore, we don’t think he would do well with cats. Nevertheless, he may be okay with a dog-saavy cat. Tater is excellent in the car and loves going for car rides. He is learning how to walk on a leash. We believe this is new to him, but he’s been doing really well. Tater doesn’t like the crate. We’ve crated him a few times when we leave; however, we also left him out and he just sits in front of the door waiting for us to come home. Tater has a tendency to jump up, as he is still young and learning, so it would be recommended that he go to a family with children over the age of 5.

Tater Tot was lovingly fostered by Natalie