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Tara has been adopted!

Sponsored by Wyatt in memory of his late fur brothers, Colby 19 and Rusty 18. Dearly missed.



The first thing I noticed about Tara was her adorable ears that sit perched on the edges of her skull, flopping slightly away from her head. Then I noticed her big brown soulful eyes that looked like they are rimmed with eyeliner. Her fur, which does shed, is super-soft. She is the sweetest little girl who came into care as a stray from Tennessee.

Tara is a very scared and timid dog. Sounds, both quiet and loud, startle her. Strangers walking on the street scare her. She is fearful of her foster dad but is making slight progress and will sometimes take a treat from his hand. She is very friendly with her human sisters, and gets along with her foster sibling dogs and cat.

She is a picky eater but it might be because everything is so new to her and she hasn’t quite relaxed yet. Liver treats are always appreciated though.

Tara is mostly house-trained but does not like being on a leash. Her permanent home must have a fully fenced back yard where she can do her business as she is too afraid on a leash to pee or poo.

Tara is a cuddle-bug! The closer she can get to her person, the happier she is. That said, she is unhappy and cries when her foster mom leaves the house. More training at being left alone is a must so that Tara can learn that she is safe and her people will come back to her.

She has been with us for several days and has not barked once (I hope I didn’t jinx it by writing this!). The only sound she makes is whimpering/crying when she is away from her foster mom.

Tara has the makings of a wonderful family pet but will require patience, training, time and love so that she can learn that life is good and she is safe.

Tara was lovingly fostered by Marcy