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Tally has been adopted!

Tally is sponsored by Marissa G.
Tally is a beautiful soul…female, 4 year old King Charles Spaniel rescued from a Mill in Ohio.

She is very little and should probably weigh in the 14 to 16 lb range instead of her “mashy” 22lbs.

Spending the first 4 years of her life as a mom in a Mill means she did not get a chance to learn all the new things a puppy does, like running, jumping and playing so she has very little muscle mass. Things we take for granted like steps, water bowls, homes with couches and beds never are part of their lives. In spite of all that, true to the King Charles temperament she is very sweet, loves everyone including her foster brother and sister. She’s starting to brave the steps to get outside to do her business….but that darn back leg is hard to lift to reach that 2nd step and is exhausting…but then….yay….we can go for a run! With persistence it only took two days to go up and down two steps!

She is not trained and is not treat motivated but loves praise so it doesn’t take too long for her to understand with gentle persuasion. She is very quiet…..not a peep in two days since shes been with me. Its hard not to just carry her and cuddle her ’cause “those eyes” are so freaking beautiful, but you know she needs to move and learn to be independent. Her perfect home will be with someone who is looking to give a little girl the love she needs with a balance of strength, patience and perseverance. She gets very upset when you pull her by the collar so a soft harness works best with alot of coaxing. Once she starts walking and is outside she is happy but afraid of loud noises so a quiet outdoor space for her is best.

She would ideally do well with a quieter fur buddy to give her confidence and teach her how to be a dog! She will require regular grooming and does shed lightly….She will be the perfect addition to any family.

Tally was lovingly fostered by Frances