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Taffy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Daisy



Have you been searching for a big dog in a small package? If so, let us introduce you to Taffy!

Taffy is a 1.5 year old, 35lb cattle dog mix who encompasses all of the breeds wonderful qualities. She is smart, active and incredibly people focused.

When Taffy first came into our care she displayed reactivity towards people and other dogs. In order to get a better understanding of her behavior she went to stay with the trainers at North Grey K9. A couple of things became obvious upon assessment 1) Taffy is a young dog who had never been given any structure or training 2) due to her people pleasing nature and brains, in an environment where that structure is provided she has endless potential.

Taffy has been training with the staff at North Grey K9 for the last couple of months and has truly transformed. She is now a confident young dog, who is happy, loves to play and looks to her handler for direction. Her ideal home would be one who has an interest in training and perhaps even an interest in sports (dock diving, flyball, agility). And who is willing to give her the structure she needs to succeed.

Taffy loves to play with other dogs. She has a tendency to be a little over enthusiastic in her play so we would recommend a home with a a dog who plays in a similar style. Due to her drive we would not recommend her to a home with cats.

Taffy’s house manners are terrific. She only chews and plays with her toys leaving all other things around the home alone. She does not jump onto the furniture or beds, sleeps in her crate, is calm while in the house and asks to go outside by sitting at the door quietly.

Taffy is up for any kind of activity be it hiking, running, training or sports and would be best suited to an active home. Taffy is very affectionate and quickly bonds to her people, she is a dog who is hard not to fall in love with instantly due to her sweet temperament and big personality.