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Taffy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Oliver




Taffy came to Save Me Dog Rescue from a shelter in Kentucky where she found herself as a stray. It is clear that Taffy has lived in a home before as she has perfect house training and good manners in the home. Although she was nervous at first within a few days Taffy has came to love her foster mom and beagle foster brother with her whole heart, she gives world class cuddles and follows her foster mom all over the house. Taffy currently lives with another dog and looks to him for guidance in situations where she is unsure. Taffy would benefit from a home with another medium energy dog but could also be an only pet. Taffy has not met any cats but would chase the small animals she sees on walks if she could get close enough, because of this a home with cats is not recommended.

Taffy is quiet, affectionate and well behaved in her foster home, she comes out of her shell more every day and will be a great little companion to the right family. Taffy’s ideal home would be a calm and quiet one where family members enjoy couch cuddles and walks, just like her. She would not do well in a home with children.

Although Taffy happily greets new people eagerly and passes people in the street calmly she seems to become overwhelmed when the focus is on her and can escalate very quickly with very little warning. Taffy will need an attentive and experienced owner that can get to know her well and watch for the subtle signs she gives when she is feeling overwhelmed, she can be challenging to read. Taffy and her new family would benefit from working with a trainer, she really wants to be a good dog and just needs some help.

Taffy mirrors the energy of her foster mom and is happy to be part of whatever her foster mom is doing, she will happily spend full days binge watching tv but is also up for an adventure. Car rides make Taffy nervous and she will tremble and pant while in the car. Foster mom considers Taffy a bit of a homebody as she really likes the familiarity of home and her people. Taffy is crate trained and does not mind spending time in her crate at night and when foster mom needs to go out.

Taffy’s new family will need to do some work with her to help her become the best dog she can be but will be rewarded with the most affectionate and loyal companion you could imagine. Once someone gains Taffy’s trust they will have a lifelong friend.

Taffy was lovingly fostered by Alissa







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