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Sweeney has been adopted


Sponsored by Sherri and Jamie, in memory of sweet Ziggy who crossed the rainbow bridge.

Meet Sweeney the Sweetie! This little boy will steal your heart as soon as you see him. He is handsome and cute as a fox. He shares his foster home with 2 small female dogs and loves them. He is always wanting to play with them and is a bundle of energy. He is fully house trained and so far has not needed crating when left alone . He has been left alone for about 4 hours with no incidences.  He is very smart and food motivated so training will come along quickly with him.

Sweeney was assessed by an orthopedic surgeon as he has a older healed  fracture in his right hind leg that  is barely noticeable with a limp. It doesn’t slow this energetic boy down at all. He would do best in a home with an active small to medium sized dog who he can share his energy with as he loves to run and play! A buddy to live with with also help him with his confidence. He is not recommended for a home with small children due to his timid nature..

In his foster home he is relaxed and confident but he is very timid with strangers and will bark at them when they come in the house. He avoids them at first and it takes him awhile to warm up to them. He is never aggressive just fearful. He has been working with a professional trainer and has has made great improvements. It has only been a short time for him so he needs some time to gain his confidence and learn to trust people. He loves walks and his leash manners are improving as he greets dogs coming his way with enthusiasm but is more reserved with the human.

He loves to cuddle and sleep under the covers and squeaky toys are his favorite!  He brings them to you to play with him.
This boy has a heart of gold and will shower your family with love and kisses!

Sweeney was lovingly fostered by Louise.