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Sven has been adopted!

Sponsored by Stefan’s friends at SAS Canada, in celebration of Debbie & Stefan’s upcoming wedding


Sven is such a wonderful dog. He is such a gentle, sweet boy who just loves to be by your side. He such a cuddly guy, and will sneak in to cuddle any chance he gets.
He’s quite shy when meeting new people, it does take him a little bit to warm up to new people and to new dogs, but when he does.. it is absolutely amazing and totally worth the wait! He’s so playful and filled with so much energy.

Sven has a serious love for squirrels, and once he sees one.. there is no getting his attention! ( we get it, they are super fun to chase! ).
We really think Sven would love living out his dreams on a farm, or a property with a large fenced yard due to his love of chasing things! He Loves to run and would thrive if he had a job to do.

He also loves carrying his bones around, and playing with any type of ball or rope toys.
He isn’t really that motivated by food, and is a relatively light eater.

Sven is also amazing with small children. He’s so gentle and calm when he’s around them. He also lived with cats in his previous home and gets along with them great.

Sven also really loves car rides. He is very well mannered and calm in the car.