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Save Me remembers Sunshine

Sunshine’s pull fee has been sponsored by Janet R, in memory of her little blind dog Ginger.


UPDATE ON SUNSHINE – April 23, 2018
Sunshine came into our rescue at approximately 19 years of age in May, 2017. She truly was the light of our life for almost the past year. She was a terrified little mill dog who had ended up in a hoarding situation and was seized by the authorities along with 29 other dogs who lived in the most dreadful conditions. She was in extremely poor condition. As time went on, and after an expert surgery performed by our wonderful vet, Dr. Brad Hinsperger at Kingsdale Animal Hospital, to remove a badly infected tooth and then close the fissure, Sunshine began to blossom and gradually learned to trust and get used to being the centre of attention. She was truly a little doll and we loved her more than words can say.
But on the afternoon of April 23, 2018, while taking a short afternoon nap in bed with her foster mom, Sunshine left us very quietly and suddenly. Our little “wonder dog” who had been with us for nearly a year, peacefully slipped away and was gone. Our hearts were broken.
She will be missed more than words can say. We know this past year was the happiest in her entire life and we are so grateful for having the privilege to care for this precious little angel.
The sun is not shining in her foster home today.
We miss you, baby girl. RIP, our sweet, precious Sunshine.

Sunshine and her foster Papa


UPDATE ON SUNSHINE – February 15, 2018.
Hi, everyone! It’s me, Sunshine! Just wanted everyone to know I’m still holding my own and doing pretty well in spite of all I’ve been through. My foster mom and dad give me so much love, and I couldn’t be any happier. Kinda makes up for all the years of suffering and neglect I experienced before coming to Save Me Rescue.

I really don’t like being in the exercise pen anymore, so have graduated to a permanent spot on the couch with dad during the day, and guess what! I now sleep with mom and dad in bed at night, as long as I’m wearing my peekeeper. Actually, I wear it all the time now and mom keeps me dry by changing my little pads about 4 times a day.

I almost forgot to mention that I much prefer to be hand-fed now. It gives me an extra special time to bond with mom. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

I am so grateful to Save Me for taking me into their care. I truly was in a pitiful state when I arrived here. I still am being treated for advanced kidney disease, but thanks to all the folks who have contributed to my care, I can continue to thrive and be happy in my foster home. I don’t know how long I have left, but I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for donating towards my ongoing care so I can experience lots of love and affection in whatever time I have left. Lots of love and hugs to everyone!

Your forever friend,

Sunshine. xoxoxo


This little girl constantly amazes us. When she arrived, things looked pretty bleak for her. She has continued to blossom and is thriving on all the love and attention we are able to give her. Initially, she was too ill to undergo surgery. As time went on, she improved to the point that they could operate.on her badly infected tooth and repair a gaping fissure that was left after the tooth was extracted. Since then her infection has all cleared up, and she has become quite the happy girl.

We discovered that she now prefers to be out of her exercise pen and join her people who continue to shower her with lots of love and she is soaking it all in. For the first time, Sunshine has taken food from my hand. That is a real breakthrough for a little girl who was as terrified as Sunshine was. She has come such a long way in the last several months,

However, her kidney disease continues and we have noticed tiny drops of blood on her diaper from time to time. The vet would like to do an x-ray to determine the cause of this sporadic bleeding. Did I mention we can now let her out of the xpen as long as she is wearing a diaper (a peekeeper to be exact)? It has given her more freedom and she is loving sitting on the couch with us, watching out the window and just being out and about with us. She has actually done better than expected. We don’t know how long she will be with us, but we want her time with us to be the best and happiest that she has ever known. If anyone feels it in their heart to donate towards her continuing vet care, Sunshine would be most grateful and appreciative. She is a wonderful little dog who deserves every bit of love and kindness that comes her way. We will make sure she gets that as long as she is in our care. We do love this sweet little girl.


Sunshine wanted me to thank each and everyone who has contributed toward her care…………she says “thanks ever so much”!
Since her abscessed tooth was removed and the gaping fissure which it left was repaired, she is gradually feeling so much better.
However, she does have advanced kidney disease and needs ongoing medical care, so any amount, no matter how small, will help us give her the absolute best quality of life we can.   She gets so excited at every mealtime, and sometimes in between meals too.  We give her tiny little dehydrated liver treats to brighten up her day and give her something exciting to look forward to.
Amazingly, her hearing seems very good for a dog that is thought to be 19 years of age.  If you call her name, her little tail will wag and we have found that she loves when I pick her up and dance with her to some good old-fashioned country music.
We try to take her out of her exercise pen whenever we can to give her a change of scenery.  Of course, we can’t go too far away, because it seems she drinks and pees non-stop, so must always be near her water and washable pee pads.
This dear little girl deserves so much more than life has handed to her, and we are trying our very best to make sure she feels loved and safe and happy for whatever time she has left. Thanks again, everyone!


Meet little Miss Sunshine!  She was rescued from a hoarder after being a mill dog for most of her life.  The shelter listed her between 15 and 19 years of age!  She is a miniature poodle who should weigh about 12 to 14 lbs.  When she came to us, she weighed a mere 6 lbs!!

Unfortunately, while in the mill, she cruelly had her voice box crushed so she couldn’t bark.  If she’s hungry or wants something, she will try to “bark” but only a little squeak comes out!

Poor Sunshine had an abscessed tooth and x-rays revealed that there was so much infection that her lungs had become infected and she ended up with a collapsed lung, making surgery impossible.  After a month of antibiotics and pain medication to try and make her as comfortable as possible, during which time we tried to get a little weight on her, we had the vet check her again and it was determined that she could never improve without removing the infected tooth, and so after the antibiotics cleared up the infected lung, a new x-ray revealed that she was now in a candidate for surgery and would be able to withstand an anaesthetic.  Since it was her large canine tooth, to remove it would leave a huge fissure which would also then have to be repaired during the surgery.  A few other remaining teeth were also removed.

Sunshine made an amazing recovery.  Since she is still on pain meds and antibiotics to completely clear up and prevent further infection, her appetite has improved and now that she is healing, never misses a meal.  In fact, she sometimes eats several meals a day.

She does have some kidney disease and drinks a lot so is pee pad trained.  Since she is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other eye, we keep her in an exercise pen in the living room so she can have ready access to her water and pee pads, while at the same time see all the goings on in the household. She enjoys being held if we watch TV, and we do take her out of the xpen to give her a change of scenery.  She enjoys being out on the deck as the weather permits.

The dental that Sunshine received has made it possible for her to enjoy her remaining time pain free.  It warms our hearts to watch her really enjoying her food probably for the first time in her life.  She would be ever so grateful if you could find it in your heart to contribute whatever you are able to offset some of her ongoing medical expenses.  Help us help them….Even the smallest donation makes a difference!  She’s a lovely little dog, very quiet and seems to appreciate everything we are trying to do for her… can see it in her eyes!

Sunshine was lovingly fostered by Carol & Keith