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Sunny has been adopted!

Sunny has been sponsored by Dianne W. and her adorable Shih Tzu boy Chester



This tiny girl has the sweetest most gentle eyes. They almost touch your soul and whisper, be gentle with me.

Sunny is a shy girl, but once she knows you, she just wants to be your closest companion and confidant. She is good with other dogs, cats too.

Sunny is house trained, but doesn’t care to be outside for long. So a backyard is not a necessity for her. She would prefer to be on a lap, then in the yard. She is good on a leash, but would be happy to just be out for a short walk, do her business and go home. Traffic makes her nervous as does a lot of noise.

Sunny would do best with a retired person (or someone who works from home) who can devote time to her. She doesn’t like to be on her own. She is not a barker, but does whimper and cry. Sunny would not make a good family pet for children, simply because she is not a bouncy playful girl. She truly prefers a quiet life filled with snuggles & cuddles.

Sunny had bladder stone surgery so she would benefit from being on a urinary diet (currently eating Hills Prescription Diet CD) long term to maintain a neutral urine pH and a low urine specific gravity, both of which create a less favorable environment for urinary tract infections and stone formation.

Sunny was lovingly fostered by Uyen