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Sunny has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Dr. Issam Kadri -veterinarian extraordinaire – with love from Princeton


This guy is full of life, happy and silly. He take a few moments to warm up, but once he does, he’s off and running. It his bright personality doesn’t win you over, his adorable under bite will.

Sunny enjoys playing with other dogs and his approach with them is wonderful. He would do very well in a home with other dogs to keep this little busy-body busy! He loves to spend his spare time investigating around the house and yard and has discovered a love for small toys he can carry and chew bones. He loves to run and jump around during outside time, which is the most comical sight!

He is always up for a cuddle and loves to lay by your side, or on your lap, as you watch evening TV or Sunday football. He’s quiet around the house and has done well with his house training. It’s unlikely he’s ever walked on a leash before but given his nature to want to be relatively close to his people, he follows along nicely, although a little nervous as he begins the walk. Sunny isn’t a fan of being crated, but given his young age and history, he will need a slow increased to his free time alone until he can be trusted not to get into things. So apartment/condo/town home living might not be the best option at this stage as he barks for a bit before he settles.

Sunny was previously living in a hoarding situation, so he is used to having other dogs around him and training was not introduced. He does not know any basic commands, but has really good recall and knows his name well. He responds to tone of voice and is eager to please and learn, so he will catch on to new skills very quickly.

Sunny is not a big fan of younger children, but does well with older kids in their late teens. He is also nervous of sudden movements and this needs to be considered while on walks with cyclists and joggers until he gets used to that element of surprise.

His ideal home would be one that has a fenced yard that he can run around and enjoy being silly. An existing active and playful dog to be his playmate. A working family would be fine as long as they are willing to crate or restrict his access until he can be trusted on his own. Sunny is ok with cats as well, but may be nosy with them.

Sunny’s ideal adopter would be a middle age couple with no kids, or newly retired family. He is at his best in a calm home, with a relaxed atmosphere that he can feel secure and safe in. He would do best with someone who can help him to be confident, give him rules to follow and help him expand his horizons by taking him out to observe and learn about life around him and ease him into it with positive experiences.

If this sweet boy sounds like a good match for your family, please contact us or consider filling out an application.


Sunny was lovingly fostered by Colleen and Jennifer