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Sugar is adopted

Sponsored by Auntie Julie, with love to Chiara. Merry Christmas Chiara!!


Our sweet little Sugar has arrived from  Kentucky and she is one adorable little girl.  She  loves nothing more than to cuddle with you and spend as much  time on your lap as you will allow.  

She rides well in the car.  She is a quiet little girl, but will alert you if someone comes to  the door.  Our dear little Sugar has one medical issue……she is diabetic.  At the moment, we are  working with our vet to  get her insulin dose just  right so we can regulate her diabetes.  Until this is regulated, Sugar will be in REHAB.  She happily  follows me all the way to the bathroom counter where I  administer the insulin.  What a happy and brave little  girl, and so co-operative for her shots.  Once we get  her regulated, she will feel more like playing.  It  appears she does not know what a toy is for.  

She is a bit possessive over her food at the moment, but we are working on that.  Sugar does  drink quite a bit, and pees a fair amount, so has to be let  out regularly.  This is due to the diabetes.  We are hoping that once she is  regulated on her new insulin, she won’t have to go out  nearly as often. Her perfect home would be someone who is  home all day.  Believe it or not, she has not had even  one accident in the house since arriving here, so as long as  someone can let her outside periodically, I would consider  her house-trained.  She has not even tried to use the  pee pads we provided for her………she is a very clean  little girl.

She would love a fenced yard so she can  run and play.  Even in the bitter cold, she goes out  without a problem, although she is bundled up with a very  warm sweater and a coat over that.  She is just a  precious all-round great little dog who loves everyone who  pays any attention to her.  Her tail wags  constantly.  

If you can find it in your heart to open your home to this sweet little girl, she will soon be  up for adoption once we get her regulated on the insulin,  and she will be your best friend.

Lovingly fostered by Carol & Keith