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Sue has been adopted. 


Sue is a happy little beagle-heeler mix, very playful and fun. She weighs 35 pounds and is mostly white with brown spots and some dappling, very pretty, and a really cute face.  Sue is pretty young, her paperwork says three but we think she is younger than that. She gets along well with other dogs, playing with toys, tug of war, and chase – we would love her furever home to have a dog sibling. She is one of the smartest dogs her foster has ever met. Sue is starting to learn commands such as sit and kennel up. She goes right into her crate, and comes when called. She is also living with cats, and seems indifferent to them.

She is learning to do well on her walks, wearing a harness. Sue is pretty good at doing her business outside, when taken out on a leash. We don’t think she’d be much of a jogging companion as she does like to take in the scenery along the way (cars, school bus, walkers, joggers…so much to see!)  She would be great for someone who wants a playful companion for their dog.  We have not kid-tested her yet, but she does play a little rough and as she is still learning her manners, she jumps up on people when excited. She would be easy to train, because she is so bright and wants to please. She is also very affectionate, very sweet, just a happy girl.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!