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Sue Sue

Sue Sue has been adopted!

Sponsored by Carolyn P, in loving memory of her senior Chihuahua, Lily.



Sue Sue is well-mannered and sweet. A wonderful balance between independent and affectionate, Sue Sue enjoys a good cuddle but will often retreat to her own personal area for a little quiet time. She feels safest tucked away in her crate, and spends a good portion of the day curled up inside napping or playing with a stuffy.

She is the perfect example of “you’re only as old as you feel.” She is an active senior who enjoys activities such as play time with her foster siblings, racing from one end of the house to the other and sunbathing in the backyard.

Sue Sue is pee pad trained but will use the bathroom outside without coaxing. She does best when someone is home with her for the majority of the day and can let her outside often and on a regular schedule. It would be best for her if someone was home full or part time to allow her the bathroom breaks she needs.

Sue Sue often barks when she is happy and excited, particularly when playing so it would be important that she go to a home where the potential to disturb neighbours is minimal.

One of her favourite pass times is basking in the sunshine so a home with a fenced backyard would be ideal. She likes to stretch out on the patio and soak up the vitamin D so it would be great if she found a person or family who also enjoyed being outside with her so she has some company.

Sue Sue gets along with her foster siblings – particularly with her 5 year old foster sister. The two spend each morning play fighting and racing around the house. She is a submissive dog and fits in well with others.

She is in fabulous health. She eats well and is a healthy weight. She has no mobility issues. She has excellent teeth. Her skin and coat and eyes are in good condition. She is missing a patch of fur from above her tail as a result of a previous skin yeast infection which has been treated and her symptoms have subsided. Since arriving in the care of her foster family the hair has begun to grow back in this area.

All-in-all Sue Sue is a low-maintenance dog and will definitely make someone very happy.



Sue Sue was lovingly fostered by Rachel