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Stormy has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of our Sweet Bear who never met a rescue who came through our door he didn’t love and treated as his brother or sister.



Hi I am Stormy, my foster family named me that because my coat is every beautiful colour of a storm cloud! I love to play and go on adventures with my sisters. They are fun but I really like being with people the most. I am very curious and like to observe my foster family’s activities, specially in the kitchen! I wait patiently at their feet until I am noticed and then I get lots of nice pats. My foster moms mother came over to see us and she missed her dog so I let her have a nice long cuddle. People say I look like a husky (whatever that is) but I think it means that I may need a lot of exercise when I grow up. I enjoy meeting new people, I met some nice people at the vets office they introduced me to liver treats I think I would do anything for another one of those!!!! I would like to find a home with my own person or people who would like to take me for long walks and adventures in the forest. My real mom taught me to be a good puppy, so I need someone to help me learn the rules of being a good grown up dog. Training me should be easy, my foster mom could ask the vet where they get those liver treats!!!!

Please contact my foster mom if you are interested in being my new person/family!

To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each northern dog adoption fee will go towards these programs.