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Storm has been adopted!

Sponsored by Anita. For all those who have found their forever home and those just getting started…love Jake 


Lola, Sulley and Storm came from an Indigenous reserve in Northern Ontario. They were rescued by a group that works with Northern communities. Save Me Rescue is proud to be a partner in finding amazing forever homes for these puppies.  These puppies are called ‘Nordic mixes’. They often have a combination of Husky, Shepherd and Lab in them but you never know quite what you are going to get!  In our experience, they grow into dogs with lovely personalities who do best with active families.

Storm is the largest and fluffiest of his siblings. He looks the most like a husky. Storm likes to play and if he is excluded from play time by his siblings he voices his displeasure with a whimper or bark. Like his siblings he will bark in excitement during playtime. Storm has also been known to sit in his water dish and doesn’t mind getting a bath after finding mud in the backyard! Like his siblings he is curious but probably the most curious and adventurous of the three. He enjoyed climbing on and playing with his foster mom and dad’s grandchild.

Storm and his siblings are good at keeping their area clean during the day provided they are taken out regularly and they do enjoy the backyard. They cannot hold it overnight yet so until they are older and fully trained, the adopter will have to do some tidying each morning.  They will require training and an active family to keep them healthy and balanced.
Lola, Sulley and Storm were said to be born on July 5.

While Storm is accepting applications he will not be ready to go home until September 1st. He will be 8 weeks old at that time.


Storm was lovingly fostered by Susan M.