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Stewie has been adopted!


“Hello, my name is Stewie and I love you already!”
This seems to sum up Stewie. She is a quiet, gentle soul and is just so happy to be in your company. She just wants to love and be loved. Her tail is always wagging! Her big brown eyes just beg to be loved.
Her looks can be deceiving. She appears to be too old for playing, but she makes it very clear that she wants to play and still has lots of energy left, she keeps trying to play with dogs that she meets.
No sign of fear or aggression with dog. She is rather submissive as she has learned very quickly that her foster brother (small chihuahua) is the king of the house and she isn’t about to try and take that from him. She loves to explore all the smells outside, chase the squirrels and even has the occasional bark. Walks nicely on the leash (until she sees a squirrel)
She does know her name, but that seems to be the extent of her training. She is highly food motivated and will jump up if she thinks you have anything in your hands that might be food and might (hopefully) be for her. Doesn’t have any interest in toys. In just a few short lessons, she has learned to sit and take a treat very nicely!
Stewie knows to do her business outside, and knows what the crate is, but would much prefer to curl up beside you on a good pillow or even a couch/bed if you’ll allow it. She loves a good belly scratch, and ear scratch and back rubs and kisses, and would lay there all day as long as you keep going, unless a squirrel walked by!
Her love for life extends to kids as well. She isn’t bothered by them jumping around and trying to pet her. She’s even okay when they watch her eat. If it means she gets some attention, she’s in!
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She is the ideal dog for any family, she just fits right in, finds a comfy place to lay down and makes herself right at home.
Her ideal home would be somewhere that she can be outside a lot to run and chase squirrels. She will chase the occasional tennis ball, but squirrels are way more fun. But when it is time to come in, she is happy to come and have a cuddle. A playmate her size would be great too, she’s very social but also so very strong, so her gentle playing might be too much for a smaller dog. She needs a family that will want a super sucky sweet as can be *not so tiny* lap dog and ready to cuddle and has an endless supply of squirrels! She likes to chases squirrels 🙂

Stewie was lovingly fostered by Renee