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Stella has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marlene O., in memory of her precious Bella and her friend’s sweet dog Prada



Meet Stella!
Stella is a 12 year old doxie/terrier cross with a sweet temperament. She adores human affection, loves giving snuggles and kisses. Stella was found as a stray but she hasn’t shown signs of shyness towards men or women. Everybody is her friend! Stella has had limited interaction with children while in my care, however, she seemed quiet around children who were sitting while petting her. We’re unsure how she would react to hyperactive children. She currently lives in her foster home with 2 other dogs. She really enjoys having canine companionship and much prefers interaction with smaller dogs. She tends to be a bit nippy with larger dogs. She is a woman who stands her ground! She spends most of her days napping so there isn’t much appreciation for rough housing in her general area. Stella loves her napping but does enjoy going for walks and does really well on leash. She doesn’t pull and has respect for people and dogs passing her by. When Stella arrived it was clear that she didn’t understand commands. Fortunately this little lady is very food motivated so teaching commands is becoming a breeze. We’ve learned the commands “out”, “in”, “up” and “come”. She is a smart girl who aims to please! Stella appears to be house trained. She will run for the door when it’s time to go BUT she is not a fan of the cold weather and will refuse to do her business outside when the temperatures are freezing….even when bundled up! Stella has settled into her new routine very well. She has shown no general signs of separation anxiety or stress. With that being said, she does not crate well. We’ve been working on being comfortable in the crate but she struggles with it. She would rather be snuggled up on the couch or a plush doggy bed sleeping her day away. She is a laid back dog who doesn’t require a lot of maintenance in her day to day routine.
Stella has been to see the veterinarian. For the most part she is a healthy girl with a strong heart. Stella has suffered from allergies for quite some time, her condition went untreated and has left its mark. Her neglected condition has cause a fair amount of hair loss, scarring and dark pigmentation. She is currently on medication to help heal the itch and most likely she will need to be on medication for the remainder of her years to sustain quality of life. Other than being itchy, she is a happy pup!
Stella would do well in a home with a quiet setting so she can get her beauty sleep! She would also love to have a canine companion and if not, she’d be content in home that has some one home for most part of the day.

Stella was lovingly fostered by Jennifer