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Stash has been adopted

Sponsored in honour of Sonia, Toby, Kallie and Pepper


Meet Stash. He is a sweet, gentle and quiet little soul that loves to cuddle.

Stash joined Save Me Dog Rescue when his family lost their home and could no longer care for him. You can tell he was a very loved family pet for his first 9 years. Although this change has been extremely stressful for Stash he has adjusted to his foster home and new routines quickly.

Stash is an exceptional companion, he seems to look to his foster family to set the energy level, whether it’s going out for a walk or couch surfing. He shadows his foster family as they move around their daily chores. Stash shows little interest in household items or toys – just humans. He is currently house trained based on routine outings as he has not yet indicated when he needs to go out. When visitors arrive he doesn’t bark at the doorbell or charge the door, he is happy to greet all visitors. He adjusts quickly to other dog visitors of the same size and energy. Stash loves his kitty foster sibling, is very gentle and enjoys being groomed by the cat.

Stash requires the company and security of his humans to feel calm, he will do best in a home where someone is always home, he gets extremely anxious when separated from his humans. In a crate or xpen he cries inconsolably but he loves is own bed and will stay in it when asked without confining him.

Stash sleeps in his foster parents bed not moving until its time for his family to get up in the morning – he does snore a little.

Stash taps on his human’s leg for attention or to get up on their lap, he is unable to jump up on furniture and unable to jump down safely without assistance or a rubber mat to secure his landing – typically he waits to be lifted up and down. Stash is quite a dancer – he dances on his hind legs for his meals, treats, greeting, etc. He tends to eat too quickly so he gets 4 small meals a day to help ration out his food. He has a great appetite and is not picky.

Stash walks well on leash. He will pull when stressed by commotion or a squirrel worth chasing but typically he’s a great walker – at 7.5 lbs even when he pulls he is easy to control with his harness and will turn and walk back to you if you stop walking. Stash is eager to meet all humans while out on a walk, he is gentle and usually stands on his back legs to say hello then moves on.

Stash typically ignores other dogs except if they are making a commotion or in his space. He quickly accepts small dogs of his size and energy but doesn’t appreciate puppy energy or too much interest. He can be snarky with large dogs in his space.

Shortly after Stash came into rescue, his foster mom observed that his eyes were quite weepy. A visit to the vet resulted in Stash being referred to a specialist who found that he has a rare condition in which his lenses luxate (move). At this time, Stash is being treated medically for this condition and has responded very well to the eye drops he is on. Stash accepts the eyes drops patiently and can be treated in a few seconds 4 times a day. The pressures in his eyes have improved and he shows no evidence of being in any kind of discomfort. Stash does have some vision. Our veterinarian is hopeful that his eyes will continue to respond well to his current treatment regimen for some time to come. However, given the nature of many eye issues, this can change and at times can change rapidly. Stash’s adopter will need to be very diligent in administering his eye drops and be attentive to any changes in the appearance of his eyes. It is very possible, that at some time in the future, Stash will need one or both eyes removed. Should this happen, Stash will have already lost his vision and it would not be a drastic change in his quality of life. The rescue will remain committed to Stash’s care and will contribute financially should he require surgery. This will be discussed in more detail with serious applicants. Preference will be given to an adopter who will commit to continuing Stash’s care at Kingsdale Animal Hospital in Kitchener.

Although Stash navigates well given his visual impairment, he relies on his humans to steer him away from the dangers of sidewalk grates, retaining walls, roads, etc. When out for a walk he lines up with the sidewalk and away he goes. When in the house he maps out the floor plan quickly and does best if the floors are uncluttered and not rearranged often. Stash can get under foot, his family will need to be aware of his movements when moving around him.

Stash is a fabulous little dog, always ready to cuddle and give kisses. He will do best in a home where:
• Adult only home or with teenage kids
• Someone is home at all times or can take Stash with them on outings
• Care and attention will be given to his safety due to his visual impairment
• Commitment to his medication and monitoring his eye condition
• Family that appreciates his gentle, quiet nature and can offer a calm environment

Stash was lovingly fostered by Lisa