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Star has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marla in memory of Saku, love Beemer and Bentley


After coming to the rescue in need of some medical attention, Star got all that an more! She has been lovingly cared for by the rescue to get to the bottom of her skin issues. Star has allergy disease, which sounds far worse than it actually is. All that it means is that she has allergies, but no one has been able to pin point exactly what that allergy is. She is currently on medication now to get her healing and feeling better, but long term, she will only need to be on medication sporadically or not at all. It will depend on if/when her symptoms return. Her food has been changed to eliminate food allergies and will require her to be on that food forever.

Allergies aside, Star is exactly that…a star in every aspect of her life. She is a very calm, sweet, gentle one of a kind senior lady, right down to her multi coloured eyes. She lounges around a lot, having long luxurious naps, and doesn’t ask for much except some love now and again. Completely house trained, gets along with the other dogs in the house and isn’t even bothered by the kids running around. She isn’t one for full body cuddling, but definitely likes a good ear scratch before returning back to her napping session. She’ll let you know when she wants some love with an adorable tap of her paw to get your attention, and then just patiently wait for you to respond.

She enjoys going outside and having a peaceful sniff around the yard. She does enjoy a nice easy stroll around the neighbourhood, and walks well on the leash. Star may be getting up in doggy years, but her nose still works well, and loves to stick her nose into all the good scents.

Star is truly one of a kind loving senior, who deserves to find a comfy home where she can get all the love and naps that she could ever hope for.



Star was lovingly fostered by Renee