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Stafford has been adopted!

Sponsored by Susan. Thanks for giving me the gift of sponsoring Strafford. In honour of my very first puppy, Pokey, who instilled a lifelong love relationship with all animals💕


Stafford’s foster family fell in love with him and knew he was meant to be apart of their family and became a foster fail. We know he will have a very happy life.

When I first saw his eyes, I saw kindness and sweetness, and the eyes don’t lie. Stafford is a 65 lb one and a half year old Sheppard cross. He is very sweet and wants to please.

He seems to be good with other dogs both large and small, but can be reactive if another dog lunges or barks. Some words of reassurance calm him down quickly, and sometimes, after a quiet introduction, he doesn’t seem interested any longer. He is friendly with people, however, on walks , he seems to be fearful of men, or women, wearing big heavy coats, hats and masks. Again, words of reassurance settle him down.

He has met children ranging from 2-7 , but seems hesitant with toddlers. Almost fearful at first, but then introducing him slowly and from a distance, he settles.

Stafford is a very well behaved boy in the home. He doesn’t beg or chew and is completely house and crate trained. (He is quiet all night in the crate). I would not consider him a flight risk. He can become strong on a walk, but we’re working on taking it “slow”.

Since feeling comfortable, he loves to play with his toys and is not toy or food aggressive when doggy friends come around to visit.

I think that Stafford would do well as the only dog in the home, but could also do well with a buddy.
A yard would be a plus as he would love to run and play in the snow. He is untested with cats.