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Save Me remembers Squeak 


“Squeak’s heart was so big and loved everyone around him. His constant smile made him a hit with everyone he met. At 11 years old he could definitely be an old grumpy man at times, especially when it came to his nightly toothbrush or when he would have to relinquish a found carrot or hummus container. Unfortunately, that big heart turned into a serious heart murmur. In the spring of 2017 our vet and cardiologist let us know he may only have a couple of months left. With that knowledge we decided to do a road trip out east to live it up. We traveled from Toronto to Boston, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec in the summer of 2017; we never let Squeak out of our sight and took him everywhere. But because of his old age and heart condition he couldn’t walk to far so we found the perfect dog carrier and didn’t let him miss anything. Everyone would want to stop and pet him which he happily embraced and would be a little upset if he wasn’t patted by the numerous people who wanted to know more about him. With only one trip to the vet in St. John’s, Squeak made it back to Toronto at the end of the summer. He had explored viking villages, swam in the Atlantic, herded chickens, and like most old folks was welcomed at pubs to relax at the end of a long day. Squeak left us in November of 2017 and we will never forget the amazing trip we had with him and his infectious smile. We are so thankful for Save Me Dog Rescue for bringing him into foster care; he had a great transition and it’s thanks to the work that you do.”

Andrea & Rob

Squeak was loving fostered by Bianca