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Spartacus has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of beloved Egyptian rescue dogs Abby and Gamilla.



Meet Sparatcus a 5-year-old, 60lbs, bulldog mastiff mix who is pure love!

Spartacus came into rescue after being found as a stray locally. We have been able to piece together a bit of Spartacus’s past and we believe he was likely used as a breeder dog for the first few years of his life. Due to his past, he can be nervous around other dogs particularly other male dogs. His preference is to ignore other dog and not engage, so for this reason we feel he would be best in a home without other dogs.

Spartacus loves, loves, loves people. He would do well in an adult only home or a home with older kids. When you sit on the ground he instantly crawls into your lap and covers you with kisses, convinced he is a 60lb lap dog. He a medium energy dog who enjoys his walks and playing with toys but is also totally happy to just chill with his people (in fact, that might be his favorite thing in the whole world).

He is fully housetrained and over all a very quiet dog, he may let out a bark or two when he needs to go out but otherwise is quiet, for this reason we feel he would do well in a detached home or an apartment.

During his stray hold at a local vet clinic Spartacus was exposed to cats and did very well. He has not been fostered in an environment with cats but based on this early testing we feel that he would also do well in a home with a dog savvy cat.

Spartacus is one of those dogs who you just know will make an incredible companion and we can’t wait to find him his perfect home!

Spartacus was lovingly fostered by Kyle