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Sparky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marla in honour of many upcoming 60th birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday ladies!!

What a great little guy! Sparky has slid right into the family like he has always lived here, adapting to the three of us and our rules quickly. I have already come to nickname him my “white shadow!” He even cuddles with our 7 year old, but, its on his terms as he will let you know with a growl if he is not thrilled with what is happening. Sparky is quiet, warm, friendly with everyone he meets, affectionate and if you want a cuddler he is your guy!  Sparky loves to go for walks now that the cold snap has passed, and he is always excited to see other dogs out the front door window. He seem to want to go play.  Sparky rarely barks but if he does its usually when he sees other dogs out front, so, I think he would do well in a small home, apartment, or town house just as long as he gets long or frequent walks.  A back yard is always a bonus! When we are at work we have been kenneling Sparky and he does ok with that so far. He has been struggling with house training but we think he was trained on a regular walk routine and us humans haven’t caught on until now!  We too are a work in progress. The family is still discovering Sparky’s “dog-inality” but we love what we know so far and I’m sure you will too.  The next step for Sparky is a little cleaning of his teeth and he will be ready to meet his fur-ever family!
Sparky was lovingly fostered by Pauline