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Sophie has an application in progress

Sophie is sponsored by her foster mom in memory of her recently passed Shepherd, Laddie, who was given a second chance by Save Me Dog Rescue.


Meet Sophie!

Sophie is a 3 year old shepherd/lab cross who will surely win over your heart within a matter of minutes. Her big brown puppy dog eyes are full of love. Sophie is very affectionate and friendly towards all humans and other animals that have crossed her path.

When Sophie arrived into foster care there was no shyness to be seen. It didn’t take her long to make herself at home and settle into her new routine.

Sophie is brains and beauty. It was apparent that she knew a few tricks however, her foster mom has continued training certain commands. Sophie is house trained and will go to the door leading to the backyard when she wants out. Sophie is very food motivated and aims to please her handler – making training a breeze. In her foster home, Sophie has her own crate which provides her a safe space. Sophie is crate trained and will often enter the crate on her own accord. Sophie does sleep in her crate in a separate room from her foster mom with no complaints. She knows when it’s bedtime and often tucks herself in at night. Sophie can be anxious when her handler has left the house. During this time, Sophie is crated and will settle down after a few minutes – though it works best if she is left with music playing.

Sophie loves music that is soothing. She also enjoys watching t.v. Movie and snuggles on the couch after a long day is her sweet spot. Sophie is a vocal dog. She will bark when someone is at the door. She often makes cooing sounds and will sing to you when she is ready to play. Something very interesting about Sophie is that she reads energies. The energy of her handler, fellow resident dog as well as from the t.v. Needless to say she is not a fan of thriller shows. When Sophie’s foster mom is working (from home) she often lays down by her side and takes a snooze or lays there quietly. Sophie is a people oriented dog so don’t be surprised if she comes to check in with you quite often to make sure you’re ok. Sophie is comfortable being handled. She loves belly rubs, being pet, head and bum scratches and doesn’t mind be picked up.

Sophie is a healthy dog with a healthy appetite. She currently eats her meals in her crate, away from the resident dog. While Sophie is incredibly friendly she tends to guard her resources including treats and toys. Her foster mom is working on teaching Sophie that sharing is caring when it comes to her belongings.

Sophie requires a consistent schedule of activity. She has a lot of energy to burn! Her current routine consists of several walks each day and a few games of fetch. Sophie loves long walks, especially in the snow. She makes a great hiking partner! During her walks she has showed her love for exploring and rarely misses any “pee-mail” left behind by another pup. Sophie walks very well on leash when using a harness. Walking leashed on collar will need further training with her handler.

Sophie will need a confident handler to continue her training and teaching her proper doggy etiquette. Sophie can become overly excited and playful with her handler. She is currently being trained to not jump up and this training will need to continue with her owner. Her handler will need patience and help Sophie build her confidence. Sophie would do well in a home that has a fenced in backyard for her to play in – she loves being outside. With Sophie’s anxious behaviour when being alone, it is ideal for her to live in a home where she is not left alone for many hours at a time. Sophie gets along well with other dogs and hasn’t shown signs of aggression, however, her excitability can be overwhelming for smaller dogs. Sophie would do well being an only dog in the home though if she was to have a companion it should be with a dog bigger in size. She would love having a playmate! Sophie is friendly towards children but with her overwhelming personality it would be best for her to be in a home with older kids who are dog savvy and can take part in teaching Sophie the ropes.

At this time Sophie is scheduled to be spayed the first week of March and her adoption will not be finalized until she is healed and ready to move in to her forever home.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only