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Sophia and Rosie

Sophia and Rose (bonded) are in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of Oliver

Sophia and Rosie came into our care back in August. They were found stray in Quebec and brought into a shelter there. Both girls were suffering from flea dermatitis, which caused significant skin issues and loss of fur for both of them. Sophia also has an ulcer in her right eye.

It’s very clear from their appearance, they were not properly cared for. It’s also quiet clear they were used for breeding. We believe they both lived in a home, as they are very comfortable indoors and not bothered by usual sounds in the home. They are not fearful and enjoy meeting new people.

Both girls are pretty well house trained, provided you’re there to let them out. Otherwise, they should be crated. Sophia doesn’t care for wet grass and will “fake” doing her business and run back inside all proud. She’s quite a character, so you have to keep an eye on her. They are both fairly quiet in the home, though they will bark when they hear unusual sounds. They get along well with other dogs, and dog savvy cats (they will chase if the cat runs, but no harm at all).

While neither of them have had much leash experience, Rosie tends to do better on leash. Sophia LOVES to cuddle and nap. During outside time, she can be found curled up napping in a sunny spot, while Rosie enjoys investigating the yard.

They both listen well and respond to their names and simple commands. They love to cuddle together, they groom each other and both like to be very close to their humans. Sophia can be a little jealous of Rosie, so it’s important to be equal with the affection for both. She does become stressed when all attention is on Rosie. That will likely settle as they adjust and get comfortable in their new home.

We are waiting to have both girls spayed. This will happen at the end of September. At that time we will be doing some x-rays on Rosie’s back legs. She appears to have an old injury, though it doesn’t slow her down, we just want to take a look before she’s posted for adoption. Sophia is currently on drops for her eye ulcer and while we know she has dry eye in her right eye, we want to make sure it’s healing before she is posted for adoption. We do expect she will need lubricating drops for the rest of her life to prevent future issues due to dryness. Otherwise, our vet is very happy with their progress health-wise. Their fur is growing back, the itching has almost completely stopped and their skin looks so much better.

For now, we are not accepting applications. We want to be sure these girls are fully checked out before we post them and that they have their spays done and are healing nicely. Please stay tuned for updates.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only