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Sophia and Rosie

Sophia and Rosie (bonded) have been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Oliver


Sophia and Rosie are a sweet older bonded pair that are looking for a calm home to cuddle up and enjoy their golden years.

They were found stray in mid August and taken into a shelter in Quebec. Both girls were suffering from flea dermatitis, which caused significant skin issues and loss of fur for both of them. Sophia also has an ulcer in her right eye.

Sophia and Rosie are pretty well house trained, provided you’re there to let them out. Otherwise, they should be crated when left alone. They learn new routines quickly. They are both fairly quiet in the home, though they will bark when they hear unusual sounds. They get along well with other dogs, and dog savvy cats (they will chase if the cat runs, but not to harm). While neither of them have had much leash experience, Rosie tends to do better on leash and is curious to go check things out.

During outside time, Sophia can be found curled up napping in a sunny spot, while Rosie enjoys investigating the yard.

They both listen well and respond to their names and simple commands. They love to cuddle together, they groom each other and both like to be very close to their humans. These girls are great companions.

Medically, the girls are still in the process of re-growing their fur but their overall health is good. Sophia has very little hair loss at this time, but Rosie is still missing quite a bit from her back end. She will benefit from weekly bathing for now, to help her skin continue to improve.

Rosie appears to have an old injury to her left knee, though it doesn’t slow her down. X-rays looked good, but left knee slightly thickened on palpation compared to her right. She also has some mild arthritis in that knee as well.

Sophia has an eye ulcer (left eye) due to an injury, she will likely always have a corneal scar to some extent, though it should not impact her overall quality of life. She does have dry eye in the same eye, that may be a result of the ulcer or it may be something she has long term. She should remain on lubricating drops to keep the eye moist and healthy.

These girls are very sweet and just want to be part of the family. They’re not high energy, they’re simply enjoy a place to cuddle up and a yard to explore. They love to chew bones and Rosie has been known to enjoy a few games of fetch. Their house training isn’t perfect, but with patience and guidance they’ve come a long way and are doing great. They would do best in a calm home with older calm children, if any. They would also do well as only dogs, or with calm well balanced/social existing dogs.

Sophia and Rosie were lovingly fostered by Colleen