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Solo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print forever on our hearts.


Meet Solo!

Solo came to us from the northern Ontario. He’s known as a “nordic” mix, which is often a mix of working breed dogs such as husky, shepherd and border collie, though they can have just about anything mixed in there. Often we know very little about the dog, so it’s hard for us to determine the size at full grown. Solo very clearly has a good amount of husky, possibly Siberian, in his background as you can see. We would guess he will be about 40-50 lbs when he is full grown, but it could be more or less.

Being mostly husky, we will ask applicants to research this breed prior to applying. Husky’s are often a desirable dog because of their looks, but they have some strong traits, they’re more then a pretty face. They do not like to be apart from their family/pack, they are active and smart, they can have a prey drive that makes them not so good with cats and livestock, they love to run and typically make good family dogs.

Solo is a very smart pup and in the short time he’s been here, he’s picked up a lot. He’s does great on leash, though he is very puppy and wants to chew it from time to time (or try to take it and walk you!). He is doing amazing learning his house training, but again, he’s a puppy and will require help as this is all new to him. Limiting his access to the whole house, frequent trips on leash to the yard are doing the trick so far. He needs to be let out often with the focus being on the task at hand, not playing. He is crate trained and keeps his area very clean. He can be vocal when he’s initially crated, he really doesn’t enjoy being separate from the family, so he would not be suitable for a condo or townhouse. He does eventually settle in and is quiet in his crate during the day.

Solo came to us very under weight and dehydrated. He has now put some weight on and is learning that food and water are plentiful now. Surprisingly he’s great around his food, considering he often went without.

He’s going to need an active home and to be with a family that wants to include their dog in everything they do. He would do best with dogs his size and energy level, that are social. He will not do well with cats and small pets like rabbits, as huskys often aren’t.

He’s sweet, gentle and very playful. He’s a smart guy and will do great with training. He picks up on verbal cues very quickly.


Solo was lovingly fostered by Colleen