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Snowball has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Esmarelda



Snowball is a multi-mix breed dog from Attawapiskat, which is located in the James Bay area of Ontario.

This sweet puppy is feisty and active already. He loves to follow his foster mom around the house as she does chores and loves to catch her feet and chew her toes, We suspect he will grow up to be an active boy who will require both mental and physical exercise. He already loves his big northern husky mix, foster sister and plays for long period of time before finding a place to hide and recharge.

As the case of most nordic puppies, Snowballs full grown size is unknown. We know that his mom is a medium size girl, but the father is unknown. So adopters need to be prepared for and accepting of him to be medium to large in size. His fur is quite fluffy, we expect he will have a beautiful double coat that will require regular brushing as well.

Snowball is happy, playful and quite comical. Though a bit shy at first, he seems to love everyone he meets. He gets along well with the other dogs and cat in his foster home and does really well at reading social cues of other dogs too. He has not been around children, but being so young, we expect he would do well as long as adopters are aware that he will mouth a lot in the coming months and puppy teeth are sharp. So we would lean towards application with older dog savvy children.

Snowball is accepting application, but he will not be able to go home until he reaches 8 weeks of age, which would be after December 12th.

Snowball was lovingly fostered by Colleen