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Save Me Remembers Snoopy


We received the sad news from Snoopy’s family of his passing. Thank you to his family for showing Snoopy so much love and our heartfelt condolences. Below are some beautiful words from his Dad.

“Today I lost my shadow.

When we take in a rescue animal, our goal is to give them a home where they can finally feel safe and loved.

What I am never prepared for, is how deeply they become a part of our lives and how deeply they are able to love despite everything they have experienced. I am also never prepared for how much it hurts when they go.

Snoopy has been my constant companion since the day we took him home. He never wanted to lose sight of me, was ecstatic every time I came home and loved nothing more than for me to hold him, with his head nestled against my neck.

Today, I held him for the last time, nestled against my neck, so that he would know that I was there and that at the end, he was not alone. I hope that in that moment he knew that he was loved so very much.”