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Snoopy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Riley, one of our amazing young supporters!


Meet Snoopy, a quirky and happy ball of puppy energy. Snoopy came into foster ready to live life to its fullest, and adapted to his foster family immediately. He shares space with a senior Chihuahua, and formerly had foster brother who recently found his forever home. Snoopy is now ready to find an energetic family of his own- he loved playing with his foster brother all day, so he’s hoping to have an active family to help him expend all his puppy energy.

Snoopy was an owner surrender; they didn’t have time to give him the training he needed. It seems like he hasn’t had much training whatsoever. Though he has some catching up to do, he seems to be a willing student. He has a wild spirit and plays hard, yet he’s very loving to adults and children, as well as dogs (as long as they are ok with him being the boss). He’s looking for a home where his new family has the time and experience needed to help him with his manners. A large backyard with a tall and secure fence is mandatory for Snoopy. He wouldn’t be suited for a condo or unfenced property as he needs his own space to run around. He’ll spend hours outside if you let him, and is much more relaxed for couch cuddles after. He loves to jump and can easily jump 5 feet in the air. He’s a born performer; he just needs to learn some tricks to harness his potential in a productive way.

His photos may not show much Corgi, but when he lies down with his little legs behind him it’s very apparent. Also there are his ears. One stands up, and the other stays flopped down. And then there’s his prance, which it’s hard to describe. It’s a mixture of regal and dopey, and endlessly charming. His eyes are full of expression and wisdom. Even though he’s very much a puppy, there’s an intrinsic maturity to him that’s waiting to blossom.

Snoopy needs an experienced dog owner who is ready to help work on his training. He’s been working hard on potty training since arriving in his foster home. Right now he’ll do his business in the house if he’s not kept to a strict routine, but when he’s brought outside after eating, naps, and energetic play, he’ll do his thing outside. He’s starting to understand the process, and his accidents seem to be due to a lack of training with his first family. After a couple weeks in foster he’s gotten much better. Another puppy trait he hasn’t mastered yet is chewing and playing using his teeth. On the plus side, he’ll help you keep your house tidy. He’ll make sure to show the whole family when someone leaves their socks on the ground. He loves toys and rubber chew toys have helped keep him out of trouble. Snoopy is also learning that his water dish is for drinking, not for swimming. But if you have a house on the lake, he’ll likely be a water dog come summer. He’s also a good guard dog, listening for people at the door to alert you when someone is approaching. Nothing too crazy, he’s easy to redirect when he reacts to outside noises. His leash manners are decent for his age. He’s a very curious boy and tends to pull, but he loves his walks and responds decently to commands when he’s on a leash.

This pup is ready for his forever family to find him. He’s done so well adapting to foster life, and hopes an energetic family has a place in their life for him. Snoopy needs an experienced dog owner who can help provide him structure and training. He loves children and would do well with dog savvy kids in the house who can help teach him not to chew on their little fingers. When it comes to fur siblings, Snoopy seems to want to be top dog, and has shown some jealousy when other dogs are getting attention. Occasionally he’ll get aggressive to ensure he gets the bulk of his owner’s attention, so he would need a family who has experience in such dog behaviour, and a home visit with any animal siblings to check for compatibility. He would do just fine as the only dog, or perhaps a dog sibling down the road when he matures a bit more. Snoopy is very loyal and loving to his family. He seems to be ok in a crate and could probably get used to one during the day with proper training. When he’s past his puppy phase he’ll be the dog who waits at the door for you to return home every day.

He deserves a family who will be committed to giving him the best life possible, and he’s ready to show you endless love in return.


Snoopy was lovingly fostered by Michael