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Snoops is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of sweet Lennon.


Meets Snoops!

The beagle breed has always been a favorite among our volunteers and after having welcomed Snoops into my home I can understand the love people have for Beagles. Snoops embodies many of the lovable beagle traits and has a few quirks of her own. She is a lovely dog, very friendly, quiet personality, adores attention, appreciates a good adventure, enjoys canine companionship and loves to nap in her cozy bed.

A typical day in the life of Snoops begins with morning snuggles to wake up the household. She often heads over to the bed of the resident dog and has a good morning play fight. When she’s done waking up the house, Snoops heads outside for a good morning stretch and to relieve herself and then she’s right back at the door because she knows her breakfast is waiting for her. Snoops then heads back to bed to rest up for her morning walk.

Snoops loves going for walks. Once she sees the leash come out it’s impossible to contain her excitement. She does really well on leash and harness, often stopping to investigate scents left behind by wildlife and passing neighbors. The name Snoops is true to her nature. This lovable little beagle can turn a 20 minute walk into an hour easily. Every scent must be inspected thoroughly before proceeding. Detective Snoops is on the prowl! Snoops is only beginning to understand commands used when walking. She sometimes will pull on the lead when she is hot on the trail but most of the time she is more whoa than go.

After her morning walk Snoops will curl up in bed with her fellow canine companion and enjoy an afternoon snooze. Often she will check in on her foster mom who works from home, coming for a few pets or some bum scratches. We usually take several breaks for a little afternoon play outside in the back yard where Snoops puts her nose to the ground to explore, has a lie in the sun or a play session with the resident dog. The pups are then told to do their business before coming back into the house. This is now the perfect time to catch up on a much needed nap while her foster mom finishes up the work day.
When work and naps are all done, it’s time for dinner. Snoops has a healthy appetite and is overly joyed to when she hears the dinner bell (sound of kibble) being rung. She does this little dance and bounce that will surely put a smile on your face. After gobbling her dinner, Snoops likes to head outside into the backyard for some more snooping, exploring or just taking it easy soaking up the sun while she takes a nap in the grass.

There are times we have friends come over for an outdoor visit and a chance to socialize. Snoops enjoys the company of her neighborhood canine friends and will sometimes take to the humans walking about. Snoops is very much a dog’s dog. She loves dogs and will look to her canine friends for direction and confidence.

The odd time her foster mom will head out to run errands, leaving Snoops free to roam the house. Snoops has proven herself to be trust worthy and has no intention to destroy her foster home. But if you leave food within her reach she will gladly help you clean it up. Bit of a counter surfer – she may be small but she is ninja in the kitchen so make sure your goodies are set high and well out of reach! Snoops has been crated in the past but she doesn’t enjoy it. She currently is not being crated in her foster home.
Snoops has been in foster care for a couple of months. When she arrived she was a different dog. Very timid, nervous around humans. Her behaviour suggested she was not an indoor dog in her past life. It was decided that it would be best to allow Snoops time to decompress upon arrival and so she spent the first few weeks sitting back and observing her foster home, the routine and motions of the household. Snoops needed the ability to move at her own pace. This time also granted her foster mom the capacity to observe Snoops, her actions, her personality and general dog behaviour. It was quickly realized that Snoops hadn’t had much guidance in the past and didn’t understand what was expected of a family pet. Snoops had (and still suffers from) emotional baggage. She was terrified of doorways whether we were entering or exiting the house. She needs her own area away from everyone while she is eating. All fast movements would have her flight response kick in. She rarely interacted or responded to humans, showing nervous ticks when being approached.

Thankfully there has been a shift in her paradigm. It took a fair amount of time for Snoops to settle in – still to this day she is not yet 100% comfortable. She now understands the household routines. She has learned that walks are not always scary but rather enjoyable and now it’s her most favorite thing in her world. She has begun to learn some vocal and hand coordinated commands such as recall, to stay and to get down when asked. Recently the focus has been on desensitizing Snoops to human touch, feeling safe when being pick up and the goodness of snuggling. She’s doing well and is starting to have some trust for her foster mom. Snoops might prefer canine companionship but the shear excitement she shows when her handler returns home is heartwarming. Her little tail spins in circles as she jumps up to greet her foster mom.

As mentioned, Snoops has her quirks. She’s overcoming her fear of doorways but may never overcome her fear of quick movements and loud noises. Snoops is known to be house trained and will sit at the side door to be let out. She will sit in silence. Snoops is not known to be a vocal dog. To date she has barked 7 times in the last couple months. She is so quiet but that could change once she reaches a certain comfort level in her home. Snoops is considered house trained but if she is nervous or scared she won’t be able to control her bladder. This was very common in the beginning but has since stopped. This is something her forever home should be aware of.

Snoops’ ideal home will have another dog (maybe more than one). She relies heavily on the support from the resident dog and it has proven to be very helpful in showing her the ways of the house, commands and what is expected of her.

Snoops is currently under rehab status and not accepting applications at this time.

It was discovered that Snoops suffered from parasites within her digestive system. With the help of our fantastic vet team and medication, the issues are working on being resolved. Her tummy has been producing excessive acid which we are still figuring out if it’s a side effect of the main issue or something that will continuously need medication. At this point, we are well on our way to a healthy dog who is beginning to learn how to enjoy life as a family pet.

Snoops won’t be available for adoption for a few more weeks but if you have any questions feel free to reach out to her foster mom, Jennifer via

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only