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Snoops has been adopted!

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Meets Snoops!

The beagle breed has always been a favourite among our volunteers and after having welcomed Snoops into my home I can understand the love people have for Beagles. Snoops embodies many of the lovable beagle traits and has a few quirks of her own. She is a lovely dog, very friendly, quiet personality, adores attention, appreciates a good adventure, enjoys canine companionship and loves to nap in her cozy bed.
Snoops has come a long way since arriving into rescue. Over the last several weeks she went from a scared little pup to being more interactive and responsive. Snoops arrived not understanding what is expected of an indoor dog but with the help of the resident dog she learned routine. Snoops needed time to decompress and learn the wonders of what human affection can bring to her life.

Snoops has begun to learn some commands and activities. She was once scared of going for walks and now it is her absolute favourite activity. She becomes overjoyed when she sees her leash and harness come out to play. Snoops is a detective, naturally, so taking walks allows her ample time to put her sniffer to use. We typically walk 5-10km a day and it is sometimes a debate to get her to agree to go home. She has a good amount of energy to burn. Snoops has learned so much in such a short time. She has learned her name, the joys of dog beds and soft blankets, how to stay when commanded, walking on leash, she has learned the commands of in and out, up and get down (she loves furniture and will insist she is allowed on it), she has learned to go to her bed when asked, she is learning the word “hungry” to imply meal time is on its way, she has learned the command “leave it” (very helpful on walks as she tries to sneak undesirable snacks), and more recently she is learning the art of recall. She has learned that potty business is for outside and will go to the side door to let you know she is ready. An important lesson Snoops is learning is that not all humans are bad. While she is very comfortable with other canine companions, she is still skeptical of humans. With patience and consistency, she has learned it’s ok to be picked up. She is learning how to “play fight” with her foster parent and how to be affectionate. She now loves cuddly in arms and will sometimes fall asleep. She is learning how to trust. Human affection seems like a new concept to her but she is working through it.

Snoops is a very quiet dog, rarely making any sound other than her snoring during one of her many naps. She rarely reacts when she comes across another dog on our walks. Most of the time she is excited to make a new friend. Snoops has tried to give chase to squirrels, bunnies, birds and cats so it would be best that she be placed into a home without them.

Snoops is a great dog. As mentioned she has her quirks. Snoops is timid around humans, she is unsure of herself and lacks confidence in the beginning of most situations. Once she becomes comfortable she lets her guard down and the fun begins! Snoops is house trained but can sometimes urinate in the house when she is scared. This was quite common in the first couple weeks of coming into rescue and has since died down. The odd time it will occur when fear has taken over her emotions (bad thunderstorms or several days of unnecessary fireworks). In the past Snoops has had some tummy issues where her body was producing high amounts of gastric acid. It is thought to be caused by the parasitic infection that has since been resolved. She is currently on a trial to see how she fairs without receiving antacids. It may turn out that Snoops requires antacids and so her forever family should be aware of the extra monthly cost.

What does Snoops’ forever home look like? For starters, it would be ideal for Snoops to have a canine companion, a forever family that enjoys being active, a home without cats, birds or other animals of prey. Snoops does well with children for the most part, she is often startled by their quick movement and loud noises but she would do well in a home with dog savvy children. Most importantly, Snoops will need a patient forever family, a family that will understand her need to go at her own pace when learning and becoming comfortable in her new surroundings.

If you are interested in Snoops, you can fill out an application on Save Me Rescue’s website or reach out to her foster parent with questions you might have.

Snoops was lovingly fostered by Jennifer G.