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Snickers has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle X, in loving memory of both her father and her sweet pup Tequila



Please note before reading Snickers bio, he is not considered to be a hypo allergenic dog.

Hello, my name is Snickers!

I’m a dapper young man whose most adorable quality is my Stand and Beg performance. I can stand on my back legs, both front paws waving in the air and give you the most adorable puppy eyes ever. It will melt your heart … fair warning.

I love to play with my foster fur siblings, both big and small. I share my toys, love to play chase in the yard and I also enjoy following my foster parents around and watching over what they do around the house. I like to keep busy with things like my snuffle mat, and toys that give me something to think about or figure out. I enjoy playing in the backyard, am always up for a walk and LOVE going for car rides.

I do like to protect my home, so I will bark at sounds outside the front door. While I am quiet otherwise, you rely on me to let you know when your Amazon package arrives, however, this makes me not very suitable for multi-residential living. I also bark at people coming into the house, sometimes I growl, and often my tail wags with nervousness. When people simply ignore me, I settle down and go find something else to do.

I’m not a touchy feely guy with people I don’t know. I need a bit of time to warm up, I much prefer coming to say hello when I’m ready. I’m not a fan of being poked at by strangers, so visitors should be respectful of my personal space and your vet should use his or her best manners with me. For this reason, I would do best in an adult home. Don’t get me wrong, once I get to know you.. I’ll be on your lap and in your face for kisses. I’ll even play-wrestle with you, but I need to feel safe around you first. Sometimes that takes me 10 minutes, sometimes it takes a few days … but honestly, I’m worth the wait.

Oh, I am also crate trained and house trained. I will need some set bathroom routine when I first arrive, but I pick up on things quickly. I used to wear a male wrap (belly band) around the house, but I have no need for that now. At night, I sleep crated and I don’t make a sound, but I do expect a cookie before lights go out (just a heads up). I’m also crated when my foster people go out, or if they’re cleaning and need me out of the way for a bit.

I’m basically a lovable guy who will also serves as a doorman and security system. So if you’re ok with some barking and nervousness while greeting your guests, and you can ask your guests to respect my personal space, I might be just the guy for you.

You can see extra photos of me, and videos on my foster mom’s Instagram as well