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Snickers is adopted

Sponsored by Buster’s mom Karinne and her friends, in celebration of her birthday


This lady is a stunner. Super model, work! Snickers is a mature, healthy, 10-month old Plott Hound. She loves to cuddle and play with other dogs. She is medium energy – happy to go out for a couple of walks/runs around the park a day, but happy to cuddle and chill on the couch.
She’s a little unsure about the world, but she wants to learn. It’s highly doubtful she’s spent much time inside a home. She learned what stairs, toilets and mirrors are in the past few days and seems quite curious, or maybe she just loves staring at her beautiful face in the mirror. She would benefit from basic training so she could learn even more.
She’s a little hesitant of strangers who walk up to her on the street, but fine if you know them already. She gives great hugs and kisses. So far, she has not barked or had any accidents in the house. She sleeps well in the crate.
 Snickers was lovingly fostered by Ginger