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Smore has been adopted!

Sponsored by Xander, with money he raised selling lemonade.


Smore has been with me three weeks now and has made wonderful gains! He is a loving, cuddlebug who wants to please his human! He gets along with other small dogs very well and would be great in a home with sibling to play with!

Smore is a bit of a barker; he will bark at knocks on the door (even on the TV), or when outside and he sees another dog or even a person. It’s probably because he wants to get to know them!

Smore is potty trained; outside only! He doesn’t seem to be interested in pee pads. He will nibble at your hand or arm to let you know he has to go out! He does hold it all night; usually his last pee being around 10 or so and then he’ll wake you about 6:30

Smore loves sleeping on the bed with his human; actually, right up next to you so you can’t move! lol He takes turns with his foster sibling; who enjoys doing the same thing!

Smore would do well in a home with another sibling because he loves to play. He’s not really into stairs but we are working on it! He loves all ages of humans and dogs.

Smore had his dental today! He only had 7 teeth in his mouth and 4 of them came out today; leaving, of course, 3. Smore eats soft food with a small bit of tiny kibble mixed with it! Smore has his a follow up dental appointment on October 15.

Thank you for your interest in Smore and Save Me Dog Rescue!



Smore was lovingly fostered by Lynda