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Smalls has been adopted!

Sponsored by Margaret and Doug and their dog Riley​


Smalls is a very special little dog that has overcome a very traumatic past. Due to this fact, we are looking for a family that has experience working and loving a dog that has not been treated well by humans. Smalls needs a humans to be patient, kind, and loving to her. She is slow to trust, but once she does, she will be your best friend for life. Smalls is a 2 year old, 5 pound, Maltese mix with a non-shedding coat.  This sweet pup was found alone under a porch in rural Kentucky.

When she first arrived in my home, she hid in her crate for several days. She would look out at me suspiciously. However, I would talk to her a lot to try to comfort her. I could tell she wanted to come and see me but she was just so scared. Eventually, she would take mini trips out of the confines of her crate. During that time, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. If it even looked like I was going to touch her, she would let out an awful scream. Nevertheless, it’s been three weeks since Smalls arrived, and she has blossomed into a happy, loving, and cuddly dog. You would never know it when she arrived, but she loves to snuggle with me on the couch. She still needs me to go slowly and sudden movements still scare her; however, she is no longer screaming. She is a very submissive but highly resilient pup. She is learning to trust us everyday, and showing signs that she’s overcoming the abuse she experienced in the past.

Smalls has been to the vet and she’s in good health. She is currently pee pad trained, and will need her new family to help her with housetraining. She is very smart and is eager to learn. She extremely food motivated, which will help with her training. Smalls is looking for a special family to love her and give her time flourish. Smalls needs a home without small children. Their sudden movements would frighten her, and her behaviour can be unpredictable if she’s startled. She would benefit from a quiet home. Smalls is friendly with cats and dogs, and is curious and interested to make new furry friends. Smalls is left alone all day when we go to work, and she does very well with this routine. Smalls can be crated, but she doesn’t need to be. We leave her in our living during the day, and she just curls up in her dog bed and rests. Smalls will let you know when someone’s at the door, but she’s not a big barker. She is also a great sleeper at night. She knows when it is bedtime, and she sleeps peacefully in her dog bed.

Smalls was lovingly fostered by Natalie