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Skye has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sherri, in honour of her nephew, Cooper’s birthday!


Skye and Tali came from an Indigenous reserve in Northern Ontario. They were rescued by a group that works with Northern communities. Save Me Rescue is proud to be a partner in finding amazing forever homes for these puppies.  These puppies are called ‘Nordic mixes’. They often have a combination of Husky, Shepherd and Lab in them but you never know quite what you are going to get!  In our experience, they grow into dogs with lovely personalities who do best with active families.
It is apparent that both Skye and Tali have missed out on the comforts of a home and loving family the first weeks of their lives; however, they are settling in nicely to their foster home and coming out of their shells.
Skye is very active, playful and a bit silly. She enjoys the backyard and a fully fenced in backyard is a requirement for her. She exhibits your typical puppy behaviour including mouthing, jumping and chewing. She is currently not housetrained but her foster parents are working on this with her. Her adoptive family should expect to continue housetraining Skye. Training/puppy classes will be a must for Skye as she will be a large dog and training will assist her, along with regular exercise, to be a happy and well-balanced dog.
Skye has the puppy dog eye look down pat and will use her good looks to her advantage! She is learning that human touch is good (even when trying to cut her nails) and really enjoyed being bathed and wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled.
Skye and Tali were said to be born on July 5.
Skye was lovingly fostered by Susan