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Skittles has been adopted!

Skittles is sponsored by Rachel & Mike


Skittles is an 11-year-old cocker spaniel springer mix.  He is a very well behaved young man.  You will not find this guy counter surfing or stealing your cookies; he will gladly wait for his own food.   Skittles is so full of love.  He happily follows us around and loves to snuggle.  He is content to sit and watch a movie with you or curl up at your feet while you work. He knows a variety of commands like sit, stay, and lie down and always comes when we call his name.  He is fully house trained and has never shown any destructive behavior.  He loves to go outside, is doing pretty well on his leash and enjoys a good long walk. Right now he barks at everyone he sees.  He seems super excited to meet everyone but he will need someone patient to help him learn that he doesn’t have to bark at every person he sees.  The good news is that if you do stop to say hi you’re officially part of his circle and he will give you all his love!  He also loves the car!  He is so happy to sit and watch out the window and on longer drives will happily curl up and sleep.   Right now he is in a home with other animals (cats and bunnies) and has had no complaints about them. He has been around other dogs of all sizes and does not seem bothered by them.  Skittles came to us with some dental issues and did not seem comfortable with any type of toy in his mouth.  The issues have since been fixed and we are looking forward to seeing if he will enjoy playing with toys or fetching a ball.  He has not been a super active dog and rather enjoys relaxing on the couch.   He would do best in a quiet home as we have noticed that he gets a little anxious when there is a lot of noisy activity.  Skittles is a very loving, loyal companion and would love to find his forever home.

Skittles was lovingly fostered by Lisa