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Skeeter has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle and Daniel in honour of each others’ birthday


Hello! Helllllooooo! Hey, I am down here! No, further down…. further down! Yes, here! Hi!

You might not have have seen me right away because I am the teeniest dog you will probably ever meet. However, my foster parents say I have the biggest heart! Here are a few of my favourite things:

*Welcoming you home *
I mean, I spend the whole day without my foster parents and I am very good at being quiet. So when I see them entering the door, it is happy dance time. I run, I jump and my tail probably reaches speeds of 1000 rpm.

*Snuggling *
There is nothing like a good snuggle on the couch. I make myself really small right next to you (I don’t even have to try hard). If you can give me kisses and belly rubs, even better. I like belly farts too (Yes, I know that is weird)! Did I mention that I am also a great kisser? You will never spend another day without feeling loved as long as I am by your side.

*Eating *
I love my food, which is great because I have a couple pounds to gain. I am grateful to Iron Will Raw for kindly sponsoring my meals.

*More about me *
I currently live with two other dogs my size and I get along with both of them. However, they are calm seniors. If a dog gets too much in my face, especially if they are bigger than me, I can get a bit feisty. Put yourself in my shoes; everything just seems so big to me.

Skeeter was lovingly fostered by Jason and Marilyne