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Sissy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Steph, for her true love of beagles


Meet sweet Sissy!

Sissy is a two year old female Beagle mix.

The perfect “mix” of all sorts of wonderful qualities. Sissy is bright , playful, affectionate, and gentle. She is social with other dogs and all people. Great with children. (cats unknown)

There is one quality which is quite endearing, but could lead to trouble. Sissy is very inquisitive about everything! She has the potential to be a little escape artist if given the chance. She has that Beagle sniffer, so it is crucial she have a completely secure fenced in yard. She is pretty good on a leash but is determined to chase bunnies and squirrels.

Sissy does not appear to have any health issues. She is (to put it politely) a full figured girl. But with all the walking and strict food and treat portioning, she will shed a couple pounds quickly and be at an ideal weight.

Sissy is house broken, great on car rides and does not fuss one bit it her crate. She quite often will trot right in her crate to get a toy, or just have a little snooze.

Sissy loves her walks and hanging out in the backyard. She will play with toys, but prefers to show them off instead. A bit of an attention seeker this girl is.

Sissy has not shown any signs of aggression or anxiety. She is not destructive or a loud barker, and is very well mannered.
This sweet little girl was clearly loved and well taken care of. No signs of neglect or being mistreated in any way.

Sissy is a well rounded happy girl with a dynamic personality, and so much love to give.

Sissy was lovingly fostered by Nicole