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Sisco has been adopted!

Sponsored by Fran, Jeff and Dani in loving memory of Abby



Hi world! My name is Sisco and I’m so ready to find my forever home.

So much has happened in my short life and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I was born in a very cold place in way up north Ontario and there were SO many of my brothers and sisters, but there wasn’t enough people to look after us. So one day these 2 very friendly guys from “Pilots4Paws” came and took us on an airplane! It was my first plane ride and it was kind of scary, but also super cool. When we landed, my brother Flash and me went to live with my foster Mom, Brother and sister Rosie who was fuzzy like us. It was warm, we were safe, we had food and water, we were so happy. I was really nervous and it took me some time to trust this new place. I slowly decided that we were gonna be okay, so I started to walk around the house and take in all of the sounds and smells. Our foster Mom has so many neat toys for my brother and I to play with and I really love the ones that I can play tug of war with. Like my brother Flash, I really love running around the house and wrestling. Sometimes I can get too rough and my foster Mom has to remind me to play gently so I don’t hurt my brother. The other day, we even got to experience snow! I think I’m really going to like that.

I love playing with my foster brother too and I hope I get to have a human brother or sister forever. If not, that’s ok too, just as long as I get outside a lot so I can use up all this energy I have. I also like exploring things with my teeth, which I do get in trouble for. It’s just that everything feels so interesting! My foster mum will tell me “No chewing!” and look mad but then she gives me something else to chew on that’s probably safer. Thanks foster Mom, I’ll get it right soon.

When I get sleepy though, one of my favourite things to do is to fall asleep beside my foster mom on the couch. She scratches my chin and tells me I’m a good boy and I couldn’t be happier. She says I have the most handsomest eyebrows she’s ever seen. I love giving her lots of licks so she knows I love her too.
Do you think I’m a good boy? I can’t wait to meet you soon!

To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each northern dog adoption fee will go towards these programs.

**Adoptions within the province of Ontario only